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Amla Candy

₹ 60

Our Alma candy is a delicious and nutritious treat made from the Indian gooseberry, All natural ingrediants used No artificial colour,flavour or preservatives. It is a homemade pro...

Imli Single Candy

₹ 60

Introducing our Imly Single Candy, a delightful treat bursting with the tangy and sweet flavor of tamarind. Each candy is crafted to perfection, offering a unique taste experience ...

Imli Double Candy

₹ 70

Imly Double Candy is a delicious and innovative snack that combines the tangy flavor of tamarind with a sweet candy shell. Each bite-sized candy offers a burst of flavor that tanta...

Palm Candy

₹ 55

Palm candy is made of palm jajjery, which can be used in making Herbal tea or eat directly, Alternative to regular sucar candies